the greatest revenge

Throughout our lives, it’s common to lose people who were once extremely important or close to us. Whether it’s a boyfriend or a best friend (or maybe someone you wanted out of your life for good) – the initial reaction is to be nasty! I think being mean is just a coping mechanism for some people to make everything easier. It helps us develop a sense of anger. And when you’re angry, it makes it easier for us to not miss that person. Sometimes you’d even go as far as to hurt them personally.

While being mean and hurtful are EASY (and maybe even enjoyable for some!) it’s only bringing yourself down. You’re still consuming yourself with that person. You’re keeping your emotions wrapped tightly around someone who you don’t really want or need in your life to begin with.

Instead of getting mad or being mean or trying to get even. Try being an adult. Remind yourself that you’re better than that. And, of course, find an even better form of revenge!!

So whats the best, sweetest, most gratifying revenge of all?!

Self-reformation / Self-improvement.

If you’re smarter, funnier, healthier, hotter and more confident than you were when you were friends with or dating that person, then you’re the ultimate winner! Improving your own quality of life is far better than bashing theirs.

So before you try and tear down someone else who was once really significant in your life. Take a step back for a minute. Think about how you can better yourself, rather than saying hateful things about them. No one likes a loser, and we all strive to be winners. So, take your pick.