pick me, choose me

Wouldn’t it be awesome if just for once you actually won a huge contest with an awesome prize? (The answer is yes).

I never used to enter contests or giveaways before, because quite frankly, I never think I’ll win. So why put myself out there only to be disappointed? Well, for some reason, lately, I’ve been really big into entering every contest that comes my way. From Blue Jays tickets to Jeopardy: Explore the World sweepstakes. You name it, I’m entered! Every contest I see, I find a glimmer of hope that I WILL BE the winner this time.

As of today, I haven’t been very successful. BUT…I just entered a new contest on Twitter to win playoff tickets for me and my boyfriend to go to the Toronto Raptors game 7 this Sunday. CHUMFM decided they were going to post the contest on their social media site to get fans excited about the possibility of attending one of the most exciting NBA events thus far. So naturally, I think it’s a great idea to send out a few tweets and retweets, in hopes that they’ll actually pick me to be the winner. 7am rolls around and I’m in there like a dirty shirt; favouriting tweets, creating my own tweets, adding pictures…

Well, it’s now almost 9am here in Canada and since posting mine, millions more people have attempted to win this contest. Basically what this means is that my tweets are lost somewhere in cyber space, and I just look like a total idiot trying to get a giveaway that is nearly impossible to win.

The moral of this story ladies and gentlemen, never give up on your (contest/giveaway) dreams. If you see a contest you want to win… look like an idiot, tweet like a mad person, sign up for every damn newsletter imaginable. Whatever it takes. ‘Cause maybe one of these days they’ll pick or choose you.

Or in this case, maybe they’ll choose me to win these Raptors Tickets, eh eh (I hope Drake sees this and has some pull).