nostalgic for the 90s


I recently just came across a blog, where the author took a little trip down memory lane and reminisced about some of the things from her childhood that were totally rad. So naturally, as a kid who grew up in the 90s, I felt it was necessary to take a look back at some of my favourite trends that I grew up with! (Obviously I can’t include every single item or we’d be here forever. So I’m just picking a few…Enjoy!)

MUST HAVE Toys & Trinkets of the 90s:

1. Tamagotchi / Nano’s
For those of you who maybe didn’t grow up in the 90s, these tiny handheld devices were digital pets that needed to be taken care of. I’m pretty sure every kid was OBSESSED with these and you most definitely couldn’t go anywhere without bringing your Tamagotchi along… cause I mean after all who’s going to click the three buttons to feed, clean up, and coddle your robot pet?! It ain’t going to feed itself! Totally outrageous.


OH, BRB…my digital dog just crapped again!

2. Beanie Babies
I was totally, wholeheartedly, one hundred percent committed to this fad when I was a kid. The amount of beanie babies I collected was sickening. But, how could you NOT love these cute little furry animals that had their own birthdays and not to mention the most adorable names. I seriously wish I still had all mine (Thanks Dad, for that time you sold them all at a garage sale. I’m not bitter at all!)


Remember the plastic boxes you could get to put your beanie baby bears in?! The best!

3. Easy Bake Oven
OH MAN…I’m pretty sure every feminist in the entire world hates the creators of this product because well, it most definitely promotes domestic complacency. But, whatever! These little ovens were SO bomb. I was totally okay with being a Suzy home-maker if it meant I could bake delicious treats for me and the fam.


My birthday is October 3rd, just sayin’

4. Crazy Bones
Maybe it was just my elementary school that was hardcore into these. But ‘Crazy Bones’ were a must have in the 90s. I don’t understand what the heck their purpose was, but they were these little plastic figurines that every kid would bring out during recess. All of the fighting and trading would happen. Sounds totally lame, but at the time they were cool shit.

ImageMUST SEE TV Shows of the 90s:

1. Uh Oh! (The Game Show)
To be quite honest, I’m surprised I never wrote in to try and be on this show (Filmed in Toronto, wadddup!) I think everyone has a fairly good memory of ‘The Punisher’ who would slime you if you got an answer incorrect. Need I say more?
Image2. Full House
Every young girl loved this show. AND every young girl thought Uncle Jesse was a total babe! (When he sings “Forever” to Rebecca on their wedding day…swoon!). This show is the reason why I want a red front door to my future house!


Oh hey, John Stamos 😉

3. Breaker High
Thank you YTV for creating a TV show about a high school on a cruise ship (Yep, dreams do come true!!) that starred the young and ever so goofy Ryan Gosling (LIKE I SAID…dreams do come true!). By far one of my favourite TV shows in the 90s. Didn’t miss an episode, and was totally in love with the brooding Max (so dreamy)
ImageMUST WEAR of the 90s:

1. Jelly Shoes
Purple. Clear. Pink. Blue. Green. It didn’t matter, I had them all. Thank you goes to the GAP!


JELLY TIME! I secretly hope jelly shoes come back! lol

2. Butterfly Clips
The more butterfly clips you had in your hair, the cooler you were. The best was when you’d style your hair like Sarah Michelle Gellar (See picture below). Always a solid fashion choice for a girl in the 90s!


Shout out to the Spice Girls poster in the back! HOLLA

3. Tattoo Chokers
Not too sure why these were a major fashion trend either, but the more of these chokers you had, the more popular you were! Black ones were boring, colourful chokers was where it was at. sUpEr cOoL!*~!*~*~ (see what I did there?)

ImageMUST PLAY of the 90s:

1. Pretty, Pretty Princess
I was OBSESSED! My cousin and I would play this game for hours. Just dressing up as little princess’ and fighting over who would wear what jewelry (Naturally!) Looking back at it now, the game was actually SO lame! haha


When you’re a little girl, this “jewelry” was like GOLD! As a 24 year old girl, this piece of crap plastic is awful. haha

2. Nintendo – Game Boy
It was pretty damn cool if you could get your hands on a black & white Game Boy. But, if you had the coloured Game Boy….you were just plain badass. By far one of the best game consoles to ever exist (In my opinion). I wish I had it still…I guess for now I’ll just have to resort to getting a cheap “Game Boy” iPhone case 😦

ImageThese are just some of MY personal favourites from the 90s. What do you think though? Did I miss any crucial trends from the 90s? Let me know! Leave a comment.