the little things


Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote by Robert Brault. I’m sure most of you have read it or seen it (perhaps on Pinterest?). I don’t think enough people in this world really appreciate the little things in life. We’re so stuck on the negatives (myself included) that we forget to be grateful for the people, places and things around us. Cause, let’s face it..when it comes down to it. It’s the little things that truly make us the happiest!

So for today…I’m putting aside all of my negativity and taking a few minutes to reflect on ‘the little things’ that really put a smile my face.

– Being kissed on the forehead
– Hearing my favourite song on the way to work
– Giving someone the perfect gift
– When babies laugh
– Receiving unexpected flowers
– When my friends make just as much of an effort to see me as I do them
– A spontaneous girl’s night out
– A smile from a stranger
– When the leaves change colour
– Courtesy wave while driving
– Hand written notes / cards
– Breakfast in bed
– Laughing so hard, you cry (or pee) with your best friend
– Kissing in the rain
– The sand between your toes (hurry up summer!)
– Seeing little kids play

Maybe it’s time we all take a few minutes from our hectic schedules and think of some ways we can show our loved ones how much we really care (whether it be your BFF, family or significant other).

Here’s some helpful tips for those of you who might be struggling with this one….
Guys, screw taking your girlfriend out for a fancy 5 course meal that will cost a fortune and instead, make her breakfast in bed or write her a cute hand written note for when she gets home from work.

Girls, make the effort to see your best friend after he/she has had a really rough day or find the most perfect birthday card to give to them.

Everyone, give your Mum/Dad or Brother/Sister a BIG hug when you see them next.

Cause sometimes…those little things in life occupy the biggest part in our hearts!