sorry for partying

Alright people, it’s official. I’m getting old…

Apparently my body can’t handle drinking obscene amounts of liquor and going to bed in the wee hours of the morning anymore. There was a time where I could drink 4 or 5 nights in a row and still make my way to class Monday morning. However…after the weekend I had, I’m pretty sure my glory days are near over. After celebrating one of my good friends birthday this weekend it’s quite evident that my body loathes my entire existence. Not only are my legs all bruised up (how it happened, I’m not sure) but I’m going into day 2 of a hangover! Something I didn’t even think was possible..

Partying hard Saturday night made me realize a few things… There were some tell tale signs that should have made it quite clear to me that I’m no longer in College/University…

5 signs that I’m too old to be “party rocking” every weekend:

1. It took me more than 5 tries to climb on the bar top, just so I could dance with my girl friends (Classy, right?)
2. I can no longer stomach more than 2 shots of jรคgermeister at the bar.
3. Sleeping in a double sized bed with 3 other people leaves me with muscle aches and hip pains.
4. I have no recollection of how I got home after the bar (SO SAFE!) and,
5. Going to bed at 6am has thrown off my entire sleep pattern, making work a miserable hellhole today.

Sooo..with that being said, let’s hope I learn a little something from this weekend and pump the brakes when it comes to partying. Sorry mum & dad!