movie theatre etiquette

Apparently there are some people in this world that need a little refresher as to what proper movie theatre etiquette entails. There is nothing worse than going to the movies with your friends, only to be stuck behind or in front of the “worlds worst movie go-ers.” Such a buzz kill.

So naturally, being the perfect individual that I am (HA!) …I’m going to tell you “what not to do” at a movie theatre! Feel free to take notes if you wish.

First of all, DON’T sit right in front of me if there are clearly a MILLION vacant seats in the theatre. Especially if I have my feet up!! Have some common courtesy to at least move to the right or left a couple seats so I can keep them resting on the seat ahead of me (Shout out goes to the dude who told his girlfriend to move down a couple seats so I could keep my feet up. You my friend, are a gem!) 

DON’T go to the movies with your BFF and talk the entire time. I know you’re really excited about Jimmy FINALLY asking you to winter formal…But take it somewhere else people. You’re annoying and everyone in the theatre probably wants to punch you.

Please DON’T come to see a movie if you plan on being ALL over your significant other. Cool, the arm rests lift up and you’re able to snuggle in real close to your guy. But please, refrain from shoving your tongue down his throat. If you wanna make a baby, go home! No one needs to see that.

DON’T check your text messages or e-mails throughout the movie! Surprisingly, the bright light from your phone is not the most enjoyable thing (I know, shocker right?). I will fully admit that I’m an “iPhone-aholic” but even I can put my phone away for 2 hours and enjoy a movie.

DON’T chomp on your snacks. There are children in Africa who are starving to death and even they wouldn’t eat the way you vultures do! We don’t need to hear how much you’re enjoying your popcorn.

DON’T sit in the middle of a row, if you know you’re someone has to go to the bathroom a lot. There are end seats for a reason, so use them!

And lastly, DON’T kick the back of my chair. I understand it happens once in a while by accident. But if I physically feel as if I’m sitting in a massage chair (not the good kind) then something is clearly wrong. Keep your hands and feet inside your designated sitting area at all times! Thank you.

Follow all of these basic movie theatre rules, and you too will be able to enjoy your featured film.

Take care, comb your hair!