you “drive” me crazy

After a long commute to and from Toronto today, it has been brought to my attention that there are some serious bad drivers out there! It seems that everywhere I travel to lately, I’m constantly sharing the road with idiotic people who have zero idea how to drive properly! So only naturally…I decided I would blog about all the things that irritate me while I’m driving (I’m not pointing any fingers, but if you do any of the things I’m about to discuss, you suck! haha)

1. People who don’t move up in the right lane to let the car behind them turn.
Oh cool, you have several feet of open space in front of your car and you’re going to make me sit through this entire red light because you’re too lazy to move up a tiny bit to let me through. prob! (If you didn’t insert the sarcastic tone when reading that statement, please go back and re-read). This is definitely the number one thing that annoys me about people. They don’t pay attention to the cars around them and definitely don’t check their mirrors frequently enough to know when to move up.

2. When the advanced green light comes on and the car ahead of you doesn’t turn immediately, causing you to miss the light.
UGH! Quit day dreaming and/or texting your friend! Nothing is worse than having to wait for the person ahead of you to get their act together when you’re raring to go. I have places to be and people to see…I don’t need you dilly dallying through the advanced green. If you do this, I will honk at you!

3. People who think bicycles are 10 feet wide.
There is no need for drivers to veer into oncoming traffic or drive slowly behind the cyclist the entire way home. Especially if there is a bike lane. Helloooo! A cyclist is the same width as a person walking. Staying in your own lane or slightly moving over if the bike lane is narrow is plenty of space for the cyclist to ride safely. Common sense people!

4. People who pass you on the highway for no purpose.
Great, you’re ahead of me by 2.3 seconds. Do you feel better about yourself now? I don’t understand why you’re hurrying up, just to wait behind a huge line of other cars? It makes no sense to me why people pass others if there is absolutely no purpose. You’re only making the roads dangerous and being an ass. Simple as that.

5. People who sit right in your blind spot.
If you’re a good driver and went to your driver’s education course…You know exactly where the ‘blind spots’ are around a vehicle. It’s not cool to just coast along side of me where I can’t see you. You deserve to be side swiped if you do this!

6. Sunday Drivers.
Example: It’s a Friday afternoon. Why are you going 5 or 10 under the speed limit? Don’t you know that everyone on the planet is excited to be starting their weekend? Slow drivers actually cause more accidents than those who are careless and speed. Fun fact. If you want to drive slowly, take it to a parking lot people! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

7. When people leave their signal light on after making a lane change.
I realize this is something so trivial, but it really bothers me. You’re only causing confusion for the drivers around you. Plus, I don’t understand how people don’t realize their blinker is still on. Can’t you hear the annoying clicking?!

8. People that pull into the middle turning lane last minute.
Um hi, the butt of your car is sticking out into my lane…making it a little difficult to get by you. Maybe if you thought about where you were going ahead of time, you could have pulled into the turning lane earlier and we wouldn’t be stuck in this situation (Literally).

Yes…I understand, some of you may accidentally commit one or two of these “driving crimes” throughout your lifetime. It happens to the best of us. But if you’re constantly doing these things, it’s quite clear that you should start taking public transit! #sorrynotsorry

What are your biggest driving pet peeves?


2 thoughts on “you “drive” me crazy

  1. I hate it when you’re in the left lane “doin’ yo thang”, and you see that the right lane beside you ends up ahead. Then some asshole speeds up so they can get in merge in front of you. Reckless dick move.

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